Kirk Shaw

Management Consulting Services



Healthcare IT Company
Kirk personally sold and oversaw the delivery of over $5 million annually in technology consulting services and products in the healthcare market in New England. He teamed with the Enterprise Software sales group of a major healthcare IT solutions provider to develop and sell new technologies and create new revenue streams. Kirk sold projects & services to IT Directors of major New England Hospitals.
Products included:
- VPN’s
- Physician Dashboards
- Healthcare Portals
- SNA – TCP/IP Network Integration
- Enterprise WAN Solutions

Medical Records Software Company
Kirk built the US sales, marketing and support company for a Eurpean medical records software developer. He developed the business, designed the US user interface of the product and managed the sales of the software into major US clinics including:
- University of Arizona Medical School
- Mayo Clinic – Jacksonville, FL
- University of Miami Medical School
- US Pentagon Health Clinic
- USN – San Diego, CA
- And numerous other large private clinics

Kirk hired, trained and managed US sales and support staff. Built the business from the ground up to over 50 major installations across the U.S.
- Evangelized for concept and product in a developing market
- Gave presentations at major medical conventions for CE and professional development
- Marketed through high visibility practitioners
- Provided high level design of the US version of the software
- Wrote published articles on “paperless practice” for professional publications
- Managed sales and lead generation through independent rep channels
- Provided direct sales and account management

Air Freight Company
Kirk managed the sales and operations teams ( total staff of 20) in 3 major US markets for a non-asset based provider of expedited freight services. His leadership resulted in an increase in annual sales from $4 million to $12 million. He executed the successful turn around of three under performing business units.
- Re-staffed all three branches in sales and operations
- Instituted a sales training and mentor program in branches
- Implemented new sales and operations metrics for success measurement
- Closed major accounts sales with sales representatives

Logistics & Freight Services Company
Kirk created an organization to develop and manage a non–asset based freight services and logistics company. During this project, he managed all aspects of the business.
- Developed and managed Sales and Operations departments
- Built profitable business in extremely competitive, mature market
- Developed, executed and managed advertising and marketing plans
- Successfully closed business with several new major accounts
- Negotiated deep discounts with carriers (airlines, trucking companies, etc.)

CRM Software Company
Kirk took a lead role in reorganizing, transitioning and redirecting an organization in a post Y2K environment from a contract programming services company to a CRM software and services provider. He also managed a team of six sales professionals selling CRM software, contract programming and project management services.

Computer Systems and Network Hardware & Software Sales Company
Kirk managed 20 branch offices and managers and a national sales team of 100 direct sales reps for a reseller of computers and network systems. Under his direction, the company increased annual sales from $12 million to $50 million. The company also Increased revenues through introducing value added services and implementing a new sales training program. Kirk's major contributions were;
- Recruiting a professional outside sales team
- Implementing a successful major accounts program
- Directing marketing and advertising programs
- Managing profit and loss at the sales branch level